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How to Get a Online MMJ Card in New York

If you are a new cannabis patient and don’t have a clue about where to begin, let us help you out. All you have to do is follow our simple three step process to get one step closer to your cannabis treatment.


Register on our website for free and fill our pre-qualification form. It will take no more than a few minutes. Upon submitting the form, our staff will connect you with one of our medical professionals for the next step.


Have a face to face online consultation with one of our licensed 420 doctors. Be as transparent as you can be and let the doctor examine you to make the treatment plan for you.


If you qualify the 420 evaluations, you will receive the recommendation letter in your email almost instantly. The hard copy of the same will be shipped to you within 3 days.


We will help you get through your first step for getting your medical marijuana card easily.

Medical marijuana has gained differing opinions among different groups such as doctors, scientists, policymakers, and most importantly the general public. While some believe it’s a miracle drug, others fall prey to a lot of myths and misconceptions that create doubts among people about choosing medical marijuana as a medication. But, we have seen our patients get better with medical marijuana since 2001. So, we strongly believe that cannabis is the medicine of the future. Don’t hesitate and make use of this opportunity to manage your medical condition with the help of our safe and secure online 420 evaluations.

Our clinic will ensure that you can legally access medical marijuana products for managing your medical conditions. We abide by all the laws and guidelines to make the process legal and secure. Rest assured, your personal information is safe with us. So pick up the phone and connect with us to get your medical marijuana recommendation.




We understand the importance of time. So, we make sure that you don’t have to go through any hassles or undue wait times whenever you go for your medical marijuana evaluations.



If you qualify for medical marijuana in New York, your medical marijuana recommendation letter will be mailed to you within a few minutes.



Patients are our first priority. We make sure all your doubts are answered. We ensure that you have a great experience while obtaining your MMJ Card from us.



We strongly believe that medical marijuana is the future of medicine and healthcare. We strive to make cannabis more accessible by improving our patient care practices and making the lives of our patients better. Our mission is to be the best at providing healthcare services for all who seek cannabis treatment.


We are here to change the fate of thousands of patients suffering from debilitating health conditions. And we understand that medical marijuana therapy could help reach our desired goal. So we wish to bridge the gap between patients and cannabis by proving them valid 420 evaluation in Rochester.

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Is It Safe To Get A Medical Marijuana Online?

We understand that it is not easy to trust every online medical service, especially when there are many illegal sources out there. This is why at Rochester 420 Clinicians we make sure that your privacy is intact and you know that your trust is in the right place. Using telemedicine, we have been working for years to perfect a platform that patients can rely on for medical services.

We are a BBB A+ accredited business who has been offering patient’s their medical marijuana card evaluation since 2001. Our online portal strictly abides by the HIPAA privacy guidelines. It ensures that your personal information is not accessible to any third party without your consent. Our team of medical marijuana doctors is board certified and trained in medical cannabis to give you only the best and most effective treatment. You will not be disappointed with our services and will definitely observe improvement in your health.

All our customers are covered by our 100 percent money-back guarantee. So, if you do not qualify the 420 evaluation, we will not charge you anything and give you a full refund.

When you choose us, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands who will work to provide only the best to you. So, get your cannabis card online today from Rochester 420 clinicians.

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How Does A Cannabis Card Benefit You?

Once you choose to get your cannabis card online, you begin a journey of better health that is marked by many exclusive advantages. The state of New York is known to have one of the strictest medical marijuana programs in the US. Though the access to cannabis is limited, the state has come forward as a cannabis tolerant state that permits legal use of medical marijuana. However, to be able to use cannabis to treat your medical condition, you must have a cannabis card from a verified and licensed 420 doctor. And we can help you find the right doctor.

With a cannabis card, you can get to have a number of benefits that do not apply to someone without a card.

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Access To State Dispensaries

NY has a number of cannabis dispensaries where you can buy cannabis for your medical needs. However, you can make a purchase only when you have a legit MMJ card.

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Legal Security

If you own a cannabis card, you can buy and use cannabis in the state without any interrogations or legal trouble. It offers you peace of mind and legal access to all cannabis products allowed in the state.

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Cannabis For Underage Patients

A cannabis card can help a medical patient under the age of 18 years who requires cannabis for their ailment. With a legit recommendation, the patient can also apply for a caregiver and start their cannabis treatment.

One Stop For All Your Cannabis Needs

We have been working for years as medical cannabis service providers and have successfully made a reputation in the city. If you are seeking medical solutions for cannabis, we are your one stop destination. Connect with us today and find all the services at the best prices.

MMJ Card Renewal

Your Rochester 420 Clinicians cannabis card is valid for a year since the date of issuance. You need to renew medical marijuana card before the expiry date to continue your cannabis treatment. Reach out to us at least 30 days before your card’s expiry date and get your renewal done in a few minutes.

You Are Covered by Our Money Back Guarantee

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If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or you do not qualify for the Medical Marijuana Program, simply call us at (585) 937-3343 or email us at info@rochester420clinicians.com to obtain a full refund.

Medical Marijuana Laws in New York

Owing to its multiple health benefits, medical marijuana was legalized in 2014. Initially, New York’s MMJ laws were known to be some of the most strenuous ones in the country. However, with recent developments, use of cannabis within the state has become laxer.

The MRTA Act of 2021, legalized recreational marijuana in the state. However, medical marijuana patients continue to enjoy certain privileges even today such as:

Easy access to medical dispensaries.
Medical patients can purchase a 60 day supply of medical cannabis at a time.
Legal right to shop medical cannabis products ranging from chewable tablets to smokables.
In order to access all the benefits in the state and legally use cannabis, all patients must have a medical marijuana card in New York. And our job is to make this step easier for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to start your medical marijuana journey in New York, the first step is to talk to a legit medical marijuana doctor. If your medical condition qualifies and the doctor deems you eligible for an MMJ recommendation, you will receive your cannabis card NY in no time.
As per the New York Medical Marijuana Program, patients who wish to access medical marijuana have to first look for a healthcare practitioner. But make sure that your 420 doctor is registered with the Department to recommend cannabis to patients. This is the first step to finding a doctor for medical marijuana card. One way to find a registered practitioner is by getting an appointment with us. Our doctors are certified and fully trained to provide medical marijuana recommendations.
The state of New York only allows solid or semi-solid dosage forms such as capsules, tablets, lozenges, and other oil preparations. As per the state marijuana laws, smoking cannabis and using edibles is prohibited.
You can qualify for a medical marijuana card in NY if you have one or more of the following debilitating conditions. These include cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS, Parkinson’s, MS spinal cord injury with spasticity, epilepsy, IBS, PTSD, chronic pain and other conditions as defined by 10 NYCRR §1004.2(a)(8)(xi).
As per the state’s medical marijuana program, cannabis patients are not allowed to grow their own cannabis. You can face a legal penalty if you are found with cannabis plants in your home. For more information, you can always contact the authorities in the state.

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