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10 Cannabis Infused Products You Should Not Miss Out

10 Cannabis Infused Products You Should Not Miss Out

If there’s anything that has evolved tremendously over time, it is cannabis. There was a time when people frowned upon hearing the name and only knew about it as a hallucinogen drug. But those times are long gone now. Today, cannabis has medical uses. And it’s therapeutic for not one but dozens of medical conditions and symptoms. From cancer and chronic pain to PTSD and insomnia, cannabis has a use for all of them. You just need to have a legit medical marijuana card in Rochester to access all the advantages of medical marijuana. 

Since this realization, the cannabis industry has boomed. The rising number of consumers and the need to meet their preferences has brought amazing results in a variety of cannabis products. The assortment that exists today, compared to the older times, is bigger than ever. You can find products with all the essential cannabinoids of just CBD (legal in all states). 

So I decided to update you on what’s new in the market. Here are 10 cannabis-infused products that are worth a try. 

Face Masks 

There’s always a day in our lives when all we want is to sit back and relax. So for days like this, don’t just relax but rejuvenate yourself. How? With cannabis infused face masks. The cannabis market is flooding with cannabis, specifically, CBD infused face masks. They are available as sheets as well as clay masks. Buy one as per your preference, apply it to your face and just lay back and let CBD do its magic.

It is rich in Vitamins and amino acids and is a very effective anti-inflammatory. Combined with the best ingredients, a cannabis infused face will deliver visible positive results. 


Gone are the days when people used cologne to mask the smell of cannabis. Today, people are ready to smell like jasmine with a little hint of skunk. They have finally embraced the scent of cannabis. 

If you look around, you can find many companies including high end brands coming out with cannabis colognes. The characteristic skunk scent of cannabis is infused with other scents like sandalwood, citrus, orange, vanilla etc. Some brands also serve scents of different strains like Blue Dream and OG Kush. It’s a must have if you are a cannabis enthusiast. 

Cleansing Soap

The demand for organic products is rising with every passing day. Some people buy them because of preference while others may need them because of their sensitivity to synthetic products. Either way, a cannabis cleansing soap can meet your requirements. 

Most brands have cannabis-infused cleansing soaps that are all-natural. These bottles are filled with the goodness of cannabinoids. They can help improve the quality of your skin and even help with light inflammation. Some brands even claim in delivering hydration to help with dry and sensitive skin. Starting the day with a cannabis-infused soap will deliver all the soothing and healing properties of cannabis to your skin. 


Who knew that beer and cannabis is a combination that we all needed. Cannabis beer is a recent development among cannabis-infused products. You can find it in a THC as well as CBD variant. And don’t worry, you won’t have an intolerable high because cannabis beer is non-alcoholic. But if you are consuming THC beer, you will experience an elevation of mood and mind and a relaxed body. CBD beer on the other hand delivers a very mellow experience. 

It’s just a low calorie beer that is brewed with crushed parts of the cannabis plants or CBD and THC oils. You can also try making it at home. There are several recipes for brewing cannabis beer at home


Cannabis-infused gumdrops are a great option for people who consume edibles. Each gumdrop contains a specified amount of CBD. The CBD is derived from hemp so these gumdrops can be used legally even without a medical card. It helps medical cannabis patients to dose as per their requirements. Not only will it leave you refreshed but also calm down your body and mind. 

Cannabis gumdrops come in many different flavors. Peach iced tea, blueberry, dark chocolate espresso, you name it. The variety of flavors enhances the overall experience for the consumer. 

Sparkling Water

Cannabis is now a part of even the most basic life necessities- water. We always need a bottle of refreshing water to relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Well now you can make your bottle of water healthier. 

The cannabis industry has developed CBD infused sparkling water that not only boasts taste but also several health benefits. It helps calm the mind, relax the body and improve focus and creativity. The water is infused with hemp derived CBD so it is completely safe and legal to use. You can use cannabis infused sparkling water as a pre and post workout drink. 

Just look out for any added flavors or sugar. Only go for natural and sugar-free versions to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Flaming Hot Weetos

Cannabis edibles have not left anything out. If there’s something that you can eat, there is a cannabis infused version of it somewhere. Same is the case with Flaming Hot Weetos. Sounds familiar? These are the cannabis infused versions of your favorite Flaming Hot Cheetos. 

It will leave you with the same finger-linking goodness as the Cheetos but with the addition of a slight buzz. They are spicy, cheesy, crunchy and full of flavor. Each bag contains about 150 mg of THC infused weetos. So make sure that you are somewhere safe before you dig into this bag of spicy snacks. 

Bath Bombs

Want to engage in a bubble bath that is very indulgent and relaxing? Let cannabis infused bath bombs help you out. They are made with hemp derived CBD that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. CBD infused bath bombs are also effective in promoting overall body health. The CBD can help relax any strained muscles and completely relax your body. Whether you had an intense workout, a long trip or an exhausting day, a soak in a CBD bath can relieve all your stress and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Muscle Rub

Pulled a muscle? Try cannabis. And you don’t even have to smoke or munch on an edible. A slight massage with a cannabis infused muscle rub and you are good to go. CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. By applying the rub on your affected area, you can provide yourself with immediate localized relief. 

A muscle rub is not monopolized by people who workout or engage in intense physical activities. Even if you have pain from wearing high heels or from tripping on the road, a CBD muscle rub can be a great option for relief.


Here’s another edible for you- cannabis infused honey. 

Honey can prove to be a base for many infusions including cannabis. You can choose a variety that contains the dose you need and use it for everything. Lemonade, tea, peanut butter toast or as a sweetener for your cereal, you can make any meal a cannabis session. Just add a few drops of cannabis and you can enjoy the health benefits of honey as well as cannabis.

These are all the cannabis infused products in the market that are loved by many. Give them all a try and who knows you may have a new cannabis favorite.