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A Helpful Guide To Buying Your Own Cannabis

Walking into a dispensary to buy your first pot can be intimidating. After all, marijuana has long been associated as a gateway drug that had no other use than giving you a high. But, now we know that there is little to no truth to that statement. While it does get you high, it has also successfully marked its presence in the world of medicine and healthcare. The same high that was considered a vice. Now is the virtue of cannabis. And as more research follows, you can now decide whether you want the high or not. This is why the tolerance of people towards cannabis is slowly taking a positive turn. People can now consider using marijuana and buy it very easily with a medical cannabis card in Rochester online as well as offline. 

Though such advancements in the cannabis industry have slowly faded the stigma. But, its echo still lingers. This is probably why your visit to the dispensary was intimidating. Or it could also be because of the vast diversity that cannabis has to offer. Which could often confuse people and make it difficult for them to make a decision. Well, whatever the reason may be. You don’t have to be nervous ever again. So, here is a simple guide that you can follow to ensure that your pot buying experience goes smoothly.


Marijuana has helped thousands in the United States with their medical conditions. But while people use it quite confidently for treatments of their ailments. Cannabis hasn’t quite attained a firm conclusion in the legal area. So, before you set foot into the dispensary. Get a hang of the legalities that surround marijuana. 

Learn about the laws

Is cannabis legal? The answer is yes as well as no. 

Cannabis lies in a grey area when it comes to its legalization. Here’s why. 

The governments of more than 33 states in the US have legalized medical marijuana. Some have even gone ahead and given a green light to recreational marijuana. However, the cannabis laws of every state, city and county can be different. So you must be well aware of the rules of your area. 

Now, even though cannabis is legal in most states. You may end up in a bad spot. Because as per the federal government, cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug. So it is not considered a medicine and is illegal.  

Apply for an MMJ Card 

In states where only medical marijuana is legal. The only way you can buy marijuana is by applying for a medical marijuana card. 

An MMJ card is a recommendation from a licensed physician. It states your ailment and your reason for using marijuana. It helps you buy your stash from the nearest dispensaries without much hassle. You can even use it to opt for cannabis deliveries at your doorstep. 

Not everyone can get an MMJ Card. There are certain qualifications that you must pass. Like the ailments, residency and even age. Just like the state cannabis laws, qualification for an MMJ card for every state can be different. Also, if you make frequent interstate travels. Make sure to check if your medical card is valid in other states.

Buy from a licensed dispensary

When you are buying cannabis especially for medical reasons. You must make sure that it is from a licensed dispensary only. This is because every state has different quality rules for cannabis products. And the only place where you can be 100 percent sure that the quality levels are met is at a licensed dispensary. 

Here, all cannabis is correctly tested for growers claims, harmful chemicals and chemical profiles. The labelling is authentic so you know you can rely on whatever is mentioned on the labels. Every state has different numbers of licensed dispensaries. And information about all of them is available online. So you can easily check if there is one near your residence. Also, remember to always carry your identity proof or the MMJ card with you before you go buying at a dispensary. 

Choose a strain

After you have familiarized yourself with the legalities of cannabis. You must know which strain to choose. 

What is a strain?

Marijuana does not have only one type. Ever since its discovery. Marijuana has travelled around the world. And people have experimented with it to form new types according to their preferences. This is what led to the creation of different strains. Each strain may vary slightly or significantly in their chemical profiles and effects. This is why it is important to choose the right type of strain for yourself. 

You may have heard of indica, sativa and hybrids. But these are just the broad classifications. If you go on subdividing these categories you’ll find dozens of different strains. This vastness is sometimes what leads to an intimidating experience. But, you can make a decision by looking at certain factors. 

Factors to look for while choosing a strain

Cannabis strains have very different and catchy names. Now, you can’t decide on which to choose based on the looks or names. You have to narrow down your choice with these determinants.


You can’t find something when you don’t know what you are looking for. So before choosing a cannabis strain. List out the effects that you want to experience. Whether it is sleep,  pain relief or anxiety. Each of these symptoms can be aimed at more efficiently with specific strains. Also, see if you wish to experience high or not. Once you have this figured out, move onto the next step.

Chemical profile

Cannabis is made of hundreds of components. Cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids and many more. The ones that you must focus on are cannabinoids and terpenes. 

The two most popular types of cannabinoids are THC and CBD. While THC is the intoxicating component, CBD is the non-intoxicating cannabinoid. So depending on whether you want a high or not. You can choose the ratio of these two cannabinoids in your strain. 

Terpenes are responsible for flavour and aroma. They also in delivering the entourage effect. So based on the effect or your preference of aroma, you can choose the terpene profile you want in your strain.

Choose your Form

After you have decided on your strain, you can choose which form you wish to buy. You can either go for a flower, an edible or a concentrate. Your choice is based on preference as well as the delivery method.

The flower is the dried flower of the cannabis plant. You can grind it and then smoke it by rolling it into a joint or with a pipe. You can evaluate the quality of your flower by looking at it and smelling it. A good quality flower smells like a skunk and looks sticky with white crystalline substance on its surface.

You can also go for edibles. They are known to have a much stronger effect. You can find them as gummies and even brownies. Then comes concentrates which are even stronger and are used in vaping. 

Final Thoughts

Buying your own marijuana does not have to be a daunting experience anymore. This guide will take you through the basics of buying good quality cannabis. And as you gain experience, you’ll be able to find new and more effective ways to confidently buy a strain that best suits your needs.