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Who Will Win The Battle of the Best Pain Reliever- Aspirin or Cannabis?

The word “pain” seems like an insignificant entity. But, millions of Americans are living with the condition, either in its mild or chronic form. And the treatment of choice mostly leads to opioids, i.e., Aspirin. Gets this: Asprin overdose is the cause of more than 3000 deaths per year in America. It’s not alone. Almost every other pain-killer comes with a risk of potential side-effects in the long run. That’s why a lot of patients are shifting to other options such as marijuana using a medical marijuana card to manage their condition. Have you wondered why? Well, the study that we are going to discuss will take care of all your confusion right away.

Cannabis is 30 Times Better Than Aspirin- A Study 

Scientists at the University of Guelph are the first to uncover the fact that cannabis contains pain-relieving molecules that are 30 times more potent than Aspirin. This discovery unlocks the potential of marijuana as a potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent without any risk of serious effects. 

With the current opioid epidemic taking over the world, this opens the gates for a possibility of a new drug that could go beyond opioids. And the advantage of these molecules is that they target the source without causing any intoxicating effects. Want to know the secret behind their incredible therapeutic response? Let’s dive in and extract the related information in the next section. 

How is Cannabis Better Than Aspirin? 

Medical marijuana contains more than 100 compounds, other than the famous CBD and THC, the ones that dominate the cannabis market entirely. And as a full-spectrum product, the plant helps to mitigate a lot of symptoms. And that includes chronic pain and inflammation. Unlike what people assume, the efficacy does not rely only on the efficiency of these leading cannabinoids. But, the credit would go to a series of compounds that make the plant. For instance, cannabis contains terpenes, the inactive acidic forms of cannabinoids, and flavonoids. All of these work together and create an entourage effect for producing a credible medicinal effect. 

The study found that the reason behind its higher efficacy lies with the presence of flavonoids. However, the presence of flavonoids is not limited to cannabis alone. But, the concoction that cannabis offers make it a unique option for relieving tons of symptoms with such ease. A study found that Cannflavin A and B provide thirty times more efficacy than Aspirin. These molecules work by blocking the production of compounds that cause pain and inflammation. And surprisingly, our cannabis contains these molecules. So, one can expect a similar efficiency in this case as well. Precisely that’s why patients are looking for medical marijuana card to access cannabis products. 

What’s The Barrier? 

Cannabis research is a significant setback when it comes to finalizing it as a potential pain-killer or an anti-inflammatory agent. The states are recognizing the value of cannabis as a medical aid. And thereby, one by one, every state is moving towards legalizing it, either for recreational or medicinal purposes. However, federal agencies are still not pushing towards the other side of the road. They are still stuck with their position as a Schedule 1 drug. Thus, making it impossible for research institutions to find funds for carrying appropriate research regarding its role as a medical aid. 

For decades, thousands of preclinical trials have been conducted to confirm its efficacy in any laboratory setting. But, that can’t be used as a solution for making cannabis available across the nation like any other anti-inflammatory or analgesic medication. This would transform the treatment methods and could reduce the chances of opioid addiction as well. 

Final Takeaway 

Amid all this chaos of what’s better scientifically, patients are looking for an effective and viable option to relieve their condition. So, it’s high time they decide between the current medication and cannabis. With so many adverse effects associated with Aspirin, doctors suggest their patients for marijuana. For a simple reason that it is a natural product, and if used cautiously, it could deliver promising results without fail. So, if you are planning to go for medical marijuana card in Rochester, it might turn out beneficial for you. Do you agree? Or do you have any other suggestions? Take the necessary step and see for yourself.