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Battling IBD? Cannabis can offer you relief you need!

Living with inflammatory bowel disease can be a mounting challenge because of the painful symptoms that come with it. Thankfully, cannabis possesses the necessary properties that can provide you with much-needed relief. Medical marijuana doctors in Rochester can provide you with the necessary guidance. This condition comes with various triggers such as inadvertent snacking that can cause extreme pain and in some cases even numbness. Even a stressful day at work can cause inflammation and pain. It’s evident that if you don’t manage this condition on time, it can significantly impact the quality of your life. It can hamper your ability to work, sleep, eat, socialize, exercise, and travel. 

What is inflammatory bowel disease?

IBD is a term that groups the disorders associated with the extreme inflammation of the digestive tract. This results in symptoms such as weight loss, diarrhea, fatigue, and abdominal cramps. People with these conditions might have ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. It has also been noted that individuals living with IBD have autoimmune diseases like dermatological, rheumatoid, and connective tissue disorders. According to medical experts, IBD is a relatively new disease on the block and is mainly associated with smoking and food additives. There are various treatment options that depend on the severity of the condition and might also need surgery in very severe cases. 

What can cannabis do in the case of IBD? 

Apart from the regular treatment options for IBD, there are various alternative treatment options too. These forms of treatment definitely work but come with harmful side-effects. For instance, the use of corticosteroids is linked to higher cases of corticosteroids and makes you vulnerable to various infections. According to research, up to 40% of people suffering from IBD think cannabis can bring a positive change in their health. They have felt relief from nausea, pain, appetite loss, and sleep issues. According to a study, around 30%-40% of adolescents suffering from IBD use cannabis and have experienced positive effects. It’s not just about the symptoms of the disease, cannabis can also reduce the complications of the disease. In one 2019 study, researchers studied a group of Crohn’s disease patients. They compared the effects of cannabis to normal medications. It was observed that patients who took cannabis reported a lower incidence of fistulas, blood transfusions, and abdominal abscesses. This means that cannabis can definitely offer much-needed relief from the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. 

How does cannabis work in providing relief?

Cannabis is a storehouse of properties that are usable in treating multiple health issues. One of the most bankable properties is its ability to subside pain and inflammation. This makes it highly usable in managing the symptoms of IBD. If you are wondering how exactly, all this happens, you should understand the mechanism of the endocannabinoid system. It’s a network of receptors, endocannabinoids, and enzymes. So, when you ingest cannabis, the active compounds like THC and CBD interact with the endocannabinoid receptors and trigger the release of feel-good hormones. If we talk about receptors, there are mainly two kinds of receptors CB1 and CB2. 

CB1 is usually present in the brain and bonds mainly with THC. It channels the feeling of a high and you feel relaxed. Similarly, CBD mainly influences the CB2 receptors that are present in other parts of the body and offers relief from symptoms like pain or inflammation. The endocannabinoid system helps in establishing homeostasis. This means that everything operates in balance within the body. Similar effects are not possible with traditional medications. The best thing about cannabis is that it’s natural and works without any side-effects. There is considerable research in works that can outline the full spectrum of benefits that cannabis produces.

Medical marijuana doctors Rochester can offer all the help you need

When you are battling conditions like IBD, it’s not a good idea to self-dose. Cannabis affects each individual differently depending on tolerance and experience. So, if you are battling a specific condition, you need to have the knowledge of using the herb the right way. This is important because if you mess up with the dose, you won’t get the benefits for your condition. A cannabis doctor is someone who holds the necessary experience and expertise to suggest the best line of treatment. All their efforts are guided by in-depth research and analysis. So, they can present you with the full spectrum of benefits that cannabis offers based on your condition. When you go through a 420 evaluation, the doctors can screen your health and check if you have a valid qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. So, get an accurate analysis of your health based on the symptoms, and the chances of finding relief are better. For that, it’s important to be transparent about your health condition. This helps the doctor in analyzing your health in a better way. Also, the chances of finding the right treatment are pretty high. The doctor can detect the best dose that is guaranteed to work for your health. 

Finding the right doctor is very important

If you want proper treatment, finding the right doctor is very important. In the event of the coronavirus pandemic, this is more important than ever. That’s because there are various clinics that are offering 420 services but all are not genuine. There are clinics that run a fake business online. So, it’s important that you find the right one for yourself. Here’s how you do it:

1) You can start by doing some research and going through the ratings. This is a great way to do some background check of the clinic. You can go through the ratings and check what people have to say about the clinic. This gives you a glimpse into the working prowess of a particular company. 

2) Check their certifications or licenses. These are important because it’s a good way to know if a particular clinic can be trusted. Certifications are a hallmark of expertise and it serves as proof that they know their job. 

3) Analyze everything and make a list of 2-3 clinics. This gives you more options at hand and making the right choice is easier. Compare the clinic on factors such as affordability, reputation, and services. Choose the one that offers the best mix of services. 
So, with medical marijuana doctors Rochester, you can get the best guidance on using cannabis for managing IBT. The nature of the disease is such that you need relief from the condition at earliest. If you use cannabis the right way, it can add a new dimension to your health.