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How to Buy Cannabis Safely During The COVID-19 Crisis?

How to Buy Cannabis Safely During The COVID-19 Crisis?

Is Puff and pass a thing of the past? As per the recent reports, the novel virus has entirely changed the cannabis culture across the country. Since everyone is questioning the timeless traditions now, consumers are busy looking for ways to purchase and consume safely. Although everyone with a medical cannabis card Rochester can find tips for safe cannabis consumption, only a few are talking about safe procurement of cannabis stash. Social distancing and the fear of contracting the deadly virus is precluding consumers from visiting the licensed dispensaries. Contrary to that feeling, consumers are also worried about stocking up on the herb. 

In the middle of that confusion, they are finding it hard to come up with a safety plan to obtain their desired cannabis products. So, here we are providing you the top tips to allow individuals (who are currently healthy without experiencing any flu-like symptoms) play safe while buying cannabis from a cannabis store. Let’s begin. 

Buy Only From The Trusted Sources

Many consumers are finding longer wait times a bit overwhelming. So, a lot of them sometimes get tempted to choose illegal markets for obtaining their necessary products. But, don’t forget such sources won’t provide you with a copy of the “Certificate of Analysis.” That makes it impossible for you to ensure the quality and potency of your product. Hence, if you have a medical cannabis card Rochester, you must opt for trusted sources or licensed dispensaries only to choose your favorite cannabis products. That’s the only way to ensure that your products are free from mold and pesticides. 

Remember: You need to keep your immune system in its best shape. So, going for laced goods or tampered products from shady sources would affect your immunity severely.

Choose Curbside or Home Delivery Options

Over the last few weeks, the country has seen one of the highest cannabis sales. It’s because patients and cannabis enthusiasts are responding to the coronavirus spread by stocking up their favorite cannabis products. But, many of them have no clue about the safety guidelines for obtaining their cannabis products. 

To begin with, you have a chance to get your favorite products directly to your homes. It means you can order your products online or call your nearby dispensary and ask them to deliver home. A lot of dispensaries have, in fact, extended their delivery services to other areas as well. They are ensuring that the store has a minimal number of people at a single time. 

Other than that, dispensaries are also offering curbside pickup options. These are mostly followed by small businesses to keep their employees and customers safe. By curbside, we mean that you will have to place your orders online or by phone. The store will drop your package into your car’s trunk or outside the store in pedestrian cities like New York. That’s how you can limit the chances of contracting the virus. 

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Maintain Social Distancing While Visiting a Dispensary

Many people are still opting for visiting a cannabis dispensary. For them, the tip would be to abide by the social distancing guidelines. You must maintain the protocol at both times. Whether you are standing in line or at the store. Although the stores have provided their staff with protective gear along with consistent sanitization measures, make sure you are at least six feet away from the other buyer. Wear masks, only if you have symptoms of common cold or flu. 

Handwashing is a Must

The Center For Disease Control of CDC is urging everyone to practice handwashing measures to halt the spread of this virus. However, if handwashing leaves your skin dry, using CBD oil salves will nourish your troubled areas. So, whenever you step outside your house for your cannabis deliveries, along with the basic hand washing and sanitizing practices, stop following “handshaking” practices. It would be a great practice if you are suffering from a debilitating condition and are using cannabis as a medical aid with a medical cannabis card Rochester. So, get creative when it comes to acknowledging your friends or neighbors. A wave or verbal greeting would do the trick for you. 

Play Safe With Outer Packaging 

Since the outbreak, many reports about the survival of this virus on different surfaces are coming out. A few studies even talk about the survival frequency to be around 24 hours to two days on certain surfaces. So, ensure your safety, first of all, make sure to receive the package while wearing gloves. Once you get your package, keep the box at a safe place and wipe it using a disinfectant. Avoid touching your face, eyes, or mouth while going outside to receive a package. Also, don’t disinfect your edibles or cannabis products. Otherwise, you will lose your product. 

What Else Must You do To Ensure Your Safety Amid The Lockdown?

Aside from tips to finding the best practices for safe procurement of cannabis, many people are searching for numerous other queries regarding marijuana and COVID-19. First of all, as we already mentioned, you can go to a cannabis store. However, it would be a good idea to ask for home deliveries or curbside pickups. Other than that, people find it confusing if they need to wear a mask at the dispensary. However, as per the government officials, if you are healthy, the use of a mask won’t be necessary. 

Additionally, you must avoid smoking weed on your way home or outside the dispensary. Don’t forget, cannabis in public places is still a crime. Again, smoking in the first place is not at all recommended right now. Besides all that, patients are asking their dispensaries if they should stock cannabis. Experts and government officials are advising patients to keep a stock of at least 30 days of cannabis supplies with the help of medical cannabis card Rochester. 

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Final Thoughts

The moment of crisis is making everyone skeptical about their choices. They are unable to decide whether they should follow the usual norms. Or decide on doing something else to ensure safety. But, if you are looking for cannabis dispensaries to get hold of your medicine using a medical cannabis card Rochester, abiding the safety guidelines will be helpful. MMJ doctors are continuously asking their patients to follow social distancing and other measures that can help the country halt the spread of this novel virus. And while doing so, don’t forget to ensure general etiquette procedures while consuming cannabis.

  • Avoid any physical contact with a sick patient. 
  • Never touch your face and stop shaking hands.
  • Clean and disinfect your cannabis accessories before and after using them. 
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to prevent the spread of the virus.