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Can CBD Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes

Can CBD Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes

CBD has constantly received acknowledgment and praise in the past few years. Thanks to the therapeutic benefits of CBD and legal status. People in the US can easily purchase cannabis and they don’t even need a medical cannabis card to purchase CBD. Particularly CBD derived from hemp with less than or equal to 0.3% THC. You see, at the onset, when the Farm Bill was not a law, patients got a medical marijuana card to purchase cannabis. For instance, medical marijuana doctors in Rochester gave an MMJ card to help a patient purchase cannabis for anxiety. That’s how it worked, but ever since cannabis legalization and after the Farm Bill became law, you can purchase CBD oil over the counter.  You can buy CBD oil from the CBD store legality.

However, it is inaccurate to say that CBD helps with various types of medical conditions and it is extremely safe for everyone.CBD is still in its infancy and we only have a handful of research and anecdotal evidence to help prove its efficiency. Moreover, CBD has an infamous history for causing several side effects. The side effects range from digestive issues, dizziness, to a dry mouth. But is CBD capable of causing swollen lymph nodes? 

In this write-up, we will discuss what are lymph nodes and how you can have swollen lymph nodes. We will also help you understand what are the effects of CBD on lymph nodes and can CBD cause swollen lymph nodes.

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What Are Lymph Nodes? 

We have a lymphatic system in our bodies and it regulates a wide range of functions. The lymph nodes regulate tissue pressure, repair damaged tissues, initiate an immune response against pathogens, absorb fats and essential vitamins, and this system consists of various organs and glands. These organs include adenoids, tonsils, spleen, and thymus gland. Not only this but the lymphatic system also works in tandem with a network of vessels. These vessels help the lymphatic system transport lymph around the body. 

Lymph is a white fluid made up of proteins, fats, and white blood cells (lymphocytes). When this substance travels the body, it passes through bean-shaped, small, and lymph like structures in the body. Biologically, all these locations are termed as lymph nodes and their main aim is to act as a filter between the bloodstream and the lymphatic system. 

The Cause Behind Swollen Lymph Nodes

As I mentioned earlier, one of the major functions of a lymphatic system is to initiate an immune response against a variety of harmful pathogens. This also means that the lymphatic system plays a major role in strengthening immunity. However, in the presence of an infection, the lymph nodes can swell. If you have a swollen lymph node you can notice the same in regions such as the neck, the backside of your head, armpits, under the chin, groin, and chest. Swelling occurs when certain elements like the bacteria and pathogens get inside the lymph nodes and the white blood cells fight back to save the nodes. After completely destroying the bacteria the nodes come back to their original shape and size. 

Even in the case of cancerous cells, the lymph nodes behave similarly. The only exception is that in most cases the swelling returns to its normal size after a few days. If the swelling persists, you should immediately seek medical attention. But also remember that in most cases the swelling returns on its own without the intervention of medical investigation. 

That said, let us find out what role CBD plays in this picture? We have studied a few things about CBD’s role in strengthening the immune system, but what about the lymph nodes? Read on to find out. 

CBD And The Lymphatic System

CBD has various benefits and one of its striking properties include anti-inflammatory effects. Inflammation is our body’s response to fight against diseases and pain. Be it inflammation caused by eczema, joint pain, or a muscle tear. Inflammation can help ease the pain while it is also the root cause of serious medical conditions. Some of them can range from diabetes to heart diseases. All in all, studies have shown that CBD has become one of the desirable products to alleviate the inflammatory symptoms and also for its other therapeutic benefits. 

The only exception is that in some cases inflammation is a natural response. This response fastens the process of healing. It also plays a huge role in initiating a positive immune response. It is only when an inflammatory response does not work that it causes problems for the body. Scientifically speaking, certain chemicals such as cytokines released by the body during an immune response causes the body to respond to the injuries. These chemicals tell your body that something is wrong and a threat has caused an inflammatory response. 

As a result of this response, the blood flow increases, and the white blood cells in the affected also increase by a considerate number. This is the reason why every time during a swelling you see a red swollen area around an injury. Inflammation can also be a sign of infection and sore throat. 

The role of CBD comes in when it suppresses the cytokine activity. Research shows that chemicals released in the lymph nodes can cause serious swelling. However, CBD can inhibit the activity of these chemicals and provide relief from pain and swelling. The only problem is that it is still unclear how CBD affects the immune system. So, when it comes to CBD and lymph nodes, the subject becomes even more complicated. 

Can CBD Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes? 

Research conducted in the past shows that CBD is still in its infancy. There is an urgent need to study the influence of CBD on the immune system. Despite all the loopholes in the research structure, there is one thing for sure, CBD has a significant impact on the immune system. Generally speaking, CBD can suppress the immune system in some cases while in others it can enhance certain parts of the immune system. As a result, you are less likely to see a swollen lymph node after CBD use. This also means that you need to strengthen your immunity to ensure pathogens from attacking your body. 

In most patients, CBD does not have a great impact. Indicating that each individual has a different reaction to CBD. While it can lead to some side effects, there’s one thing for sure CBD cannot cause something as serious as swollen lymph nodes. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is quite perplexed and unclear. Without the help of concrete studies, we can only make perceptions and provide some anecdotal evidence. 

If you think you have a swollen lymph node and you seek medical marijuana treatment, just make sure that you discuss things with a cannabis expert. Medical marijuana doctors in Rochester or the region you reside in will be able to help you with the problem. If the doctor asks you to go for the regular medical treatment other than cannabis, I think it is safe to heed the advice. 

Should You Worry About CBD Use And Swollen Lymph Nodes?

In most cases, swollen lymph nodes are not a critical medical condition. Of course, unless you already have an underlying medical condition. Swollen lymph nodes indicate that you can have a cold and slight fever. While medicines can help you reduce the swelling in the concerned area. We suggest that any patient with swollen lymph nodes should see a doctor for medical advice.