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Cannabis Tolerance

Cannabis Tolerance: Tips To Manage It Effectively

Once you get a medical cannabis card in Rochester to start your cannabis journey, it is important that you get acquainted with some important concepts related to this medical drug. One of these many concepts is cannabis tolerance. 

Cannabis tolerance is exactly what it sounds like- endurance to cannabis. Once you begin using the green buds, your body will start building tolerance against cannabis to a point where your normal dose will be ineffective. It’s just a natural response of your body to the cannabinoids. 

Tolerance is not always a bad thing. Some people need to build some cannabis tolerance to be able to benefit from the medication without feeling too high. While for others, the rising levels can become an obstacle in experiencing any therapeutic effects. In the latter case, it’s important that you manage your tolerance effectively to continue using cannabis. Fortunately, I have many ways in which you can deal with your rising tolerance levels.

Take a tolerance break

A foolproof way of dealing with cannabis tolerance is to take a tolerance break. Your body’s response to cannabis by building tolerance is only a temporary state. You can easily reverse it and be back at a low tolerance level by taking a break from cannabis. It’s just like a body detox where you remove excess THC from your body. And yes it means total abstinence for a few days. You can feel the positive results of a tolerance break within a day. But the longer the duration, the better. 

Taking a tolerance break is not as easy as it seems. The higher the level of your tolerance the severe will be the withdrawal symptoms. You can be successful only when you have the determination and focus to complete the duration. Here are some tips that can help you finish a tolerance break successfully.

  • Be sure of the reason why you are taking a break. 
  • Empty out all your hidden stash and cannabis gear and accessories to eliminate temptation.
  • Take up a hobby and time it when you would normally have a cannabis session. 
  • Switch to a healthier diet. 
  • Get enough physical activity. 
  • Drink water to flush out excess THC from the body.

Slow down the process

Cannabis tolerance is not a sudden thing. It develops in the body with time. However, the speed of this development is something that can be managed. The development of cannabis tolerance is based on a number of factors. While you cannot change the determinants like age, gender, history of use, genetics etc. but there are certain variables that can be altered to prevent faster development of tolerance. Here are a few of them:

Shift strains

Cannabis is made of more than 500 chemical compounds. And the presence of these chemicals varies in every cannabis strain known to us. Each of the cannabis components have a different way of reacting with the body which is why strains deliver different effects. Frequent rotation of strains will keep the body guessing and prevent the easy development of tolerance.

One way to shift strains is to rotate between CBD dominant and THC dominant strains. THC is the main culprit behind cannabis tolerance. With regular use of THC, CB receptors desensitize to the effects of cannabinoids resulting in what we call tolerance. CBD, on the other hand, is known for its reverse tolerance and capability to increase the receptor activity. So shifting to CBD dominant strains can be a good way to get back to normal.

Shift delivery methods

Along with shifting strains, try changing your delivery methods also. When you feel that you are using a higher dose than usual and the effects are not as strong as it used to be, try using a different way of consumption. Each method works in the body differently. Take edibles for instance. While the effect of smoking wears off within 4 hours, effects of edibles can last in the system for more than 6 hours. And sometimes, the effects can also be stronger than smoking. This change also keeps the body from adjusting to one type of method and slows the build-up of tolerance in the body.

Plan your sessions

If you are overly dependent on cannabis to a point where you are high most times of the day, it’s possible that your tolerance level is also very high. Such frequent sessions will increase your tolerance faster. Counter this by planning your sessions. Set a specific time for your cannabis indulgence and try not to divert from the plan. Such controlled consumption will check your THC intake and thus slow the process of your body’s tolerance build-up. 

Lower your dose

How fast you develop tolerance depends on the amount of THC you use and how frequently. While you can manage your frequency by planning your sessions, lowering your dose will take some time. 

If you are a beginner, practice microdosing instead of estimating a dose. More than often, your estimation will be more than what your body needs. It will deliver the effects but so can a lower dose. The only difference would be a faster rise in tolerance. 

For experienced consumers, lowering doses can work similar to a tolerance break. It allows you to slowly wean away from cannabis without compromising the therapeutic effects. It’s a better option for medical cannabis consumers.

Increase your high without increasing your dose

Most cannabis consumers like to experience better high with every use which is often achieved with larger doses. But, you can achieve the same end without increasing your dose. 


Exercise is a natural enhancer of cannabis. Vigorous physical activity is able to achieve similar effects as cannabis on the body. Exercise results in the secretion of endocannabinoids that act on the endocannabinoid system to deliver happy feelings that we call a ‘runner’s high’. This is why consuming cannabis before or after a workout can help increase the high even on a low dose. 

Do not compromise on quality

To ensure that you always achieve the best experience with every cannabis session, never compromise on quality. Buy your stash from a licensed source only to get high-quality products always. 

Enhance cannabis high with food

Certain food types, when consumed with cannabis, can enhance its overall effects on the body. Mangoes are the most widely known enhancers. They contain myrcene which works with the cannabinoids to produce an entourage effect. Similarly, dark chocolate (72% or higher) and green tea bind with the CB receptors to enhance the calming effects and also increase the duration of effects. 

Now that you’ve gone through the tips to manage your tolerance, use them to continue enjoying your cannabis session without any obstacles.