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Marijuana’s Effect on Our Body [Things you need to understand before Cannabis use]

Being healthy involves staying conscious of what we feed our bodies. Instead of practicing toxic consumption habits, aiming for balance should be our higher goal. Which brings me to my next thought – the effect of cannabis on the human body. As we all know that cannabis is known for both its medicinal benefits and incredible high. It is also known for its flavor and aroma, with people purchasing cannabis through medical cannabis cards. Like if you live in New York, you can get a medical cannabis card in Rochester to purchase the required strain. 

Nevertheless, there are some things about marijuana that very few people know. For instance, how cannabis interacts with our body. Have you ever wondered what cannabis does to our bodies? If not, this is the right time to read. learn, and understand what cannabis does to your body. 

Physical effects of marijuana

When you consume cannabis, it affects your body and controls an array of functions in the human body. The basic principle behind marijuana’s effect on our body is the interaction between cannabis and the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is one of the many systems that run inside our body and helps control a variety of bodily functions. 

Basically, the health system is made of two primary receptors, CB1 and CB2. These two receptors are responsible for controlling various reactions in our bodies. For instance, the CB2 receptor is responsible for reducing inflammatory effects in our body. This also means that CB2 receptors can reduce the symptoms of various medical conditions. However, this is not it, because these receptors can host different types of both physical and psychological effects. So, let us take a look at the psychological effects of marijuana on your body. 

Psychological effects of marijuana 

Several Americans get a medical marijuana card from their respective states to treat a variety of conditions. I live in Rochester and I often see a plethora of relatives getting a medical cannabis card in Rochester. Nevertheless, I hope most of them know the psychological effects of cannabis on the human. If you don’t, you definitely need to read what I have to say next. The psychological effects of marijuana are related to both receptors. But when it comes to mental health conditions, primarily CB1 receptors help with certain symptoms. For example, most Americans treat mental health problems like anxiety with the help of medical cannabis. Now, through the stimulation of CB1 receptors, marijuana creates a myriad of effects and helps calm the anxiety patient. 

Not only this but there are several studies out there, including this study published in 2017. This study found that cannabis can help soothe the patient suffering from anxiety. However, you need to always remember that high doses can cause a negative effect. So, always consume medical marijuana for anxiety under medical supervision.  

Long and short term effects of marijuana

By short term effects I mean all the instant effects you experience right after cannabis consumption. The effects include focus, relaxation, creativity, etc. Such effects do not last long and are very short term. But there are other psychological effects too. For example, smoking regular marijuana can cause the brain to lose some short-term memories. Similar to the effects of alcohol. This effect usually fades and does not persist for a longer period of time. 

Having said that, let us now take a look at some of the long term effects. So, there is another study that shows long-term use of cannabis does have negative effects on our body. Like respiratory problems, brain degeneration, and long-term memory loss. Although, It has to be noted that there are very few studies on the concept of long term cannabis use. This means that it is not safe to draw conclusions because cannabis may not have any long-term repercussions. 

Final thoughts on marijuana and its effect on the human body

There are so many effects of marijuana that it will be a bit tricky to categorize them under one banner. But if you are a marijuana user, make sure that you get your city’s medical marijuana card, just like my brother got his medical cannabis card in Rochester. Most importantly, don’t forget to take all cannabis doses under medical supervision.