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Signs That You Need a Cannabis Tolerance Break

Signs That You Need a Cannabis Tolerance Break

Are you considering using cannabis as a medical aid? If yes, then there are a few things that you must learn before making your first purchase. For starters, you need to connect with the medical marijuana doctors in Rochester to have the recommendation that legally allows you to treat your condition with cannabis. It takes a few minutes and can even be done online. 

But, even before you go and apply for a card, it’s advised that you take some time to understand the basic concepts related to medical cannabis. It will help you understand what you are getting into and also ask the right questions during the consultation. 

So, I’m going to discuss one such important aspect in this blog called cannabis tolerance and also find out different signs that indicate you need to take a tolerance break.

What is Cannabis Tolerance?

Not a lot of beginners are aware of cannabis tolerance even though it is their inevitable fate. What I mean by this is that once you start using medical marijuana, you will develop a tolerance to it. That is just how the body works. 

Cannabis tolerance is exactly what the name suggests- tolerance against cannabis. You see, the effects that cannabis delivers is not a normal state of the body. The cannabinoids activate the CB receptors all across the body and cause euphoria and produce effects like anti-inflammation, pain-relief and mood regulation. But, your body enters this state in the presence of an external activator that is the cannabinoids. So, your body tries it’s best to adjust to the change and this adjustment is what results in the development of tolerance. 

The CB receptors are internalized or desensitized to leave fewer receptors for the cannabinoids to bind to. As a result, cannabis becomes less effective with time and continuous use. 

Now, cannabis tolerance is not a negative aspect for everyone. For some, especially beginners, tolerance build-up is necessary. It helps them handle the high of cannabis more effectively and endure the therapeutic benefits better. On the other hand, for many medical patients, high tolerance can be a hindrance in achieving symptomatic relief. In that case, it becomes important to get rid of high tolerance. 

A good thing about cannabis tolerance is that it is reversible. By taking a tolerance break or complete abstinence from cannabis, you can lower your tolerance. The only question that remains is, when should you take a tolerance break? Here are a few signs that will help you know that. 

You Are Overindulging

Are you high all the time? Or fixed to the couch or the bed? Do you feel lazy and fatigued most times throughout the day? If your answer to most of these questions is a firm yes, then you are indulging in cannabis more than you should. And for all the beginners and those who answered ‘no’ to the previous questions, just make sure that you avoid reaching a state where you answer changes to a yes. Here’s why.

The more cannabis you consume, the faster your tolerance will develop. The main culprit behind high tolerance levels is the cannabinoid THC. So, when you are overindulging, you are introducing more THC into the body and increasing the pace of the adjustment process of your body. 

So control the number of sessions you indulge in every day. And most importantly, don’t let your greed take charge of your consumption pattern. Consume only as directed by the doctor or according to the effects your condition requires. 

You Need a Higher Dose to Feel The Effects

As we’ve discussed already, one of the side effects of cannabis tolerance is that it makes cannabis ineffective on a low dose. So, if you’ve been consuming 5 mg in the beginning to feel pain relief, the same dose may not work in relieving pain after the tolerance gets higher. The only way that you will be able to feel the same effects as with a higher dose or a more potent strain.

So, compare your dose with what you used to consume initially. If the difference is quite significant, it’s obvious that your tolerance level has increased. The same is the case if you are indulging in more potent cannabis strains. With a higher dose and stronger strains, the tolerance keeps getting higher. The cycle will continue if you don’t take a tolerance break. And once you complete your break, you will be able to feel the same effects even on a lower dose. 

You Are Draining Too Much Money on Cannabis

Once your tolerance increases, you enter a cycle. More tolerance means higher doses which in turn increases the tolerance levels. So, you begin overindulging in cannabis. As a result, you will need more cannabis and frequent restocking will become a common scenario. The more you consume, the faster your stash ends and the faster your wallet drains. You will notice that most of your monthly expenses will be from cannabis. 

With some people, a high tolerance means it’s easier to shift to strains with high THC content. Buying high THC strains also means a higher price tag. And since the indulgence has reached a point where you won’t care about the price so, your wallet bears the brunt again. 

Do you relate to this scenario? Do you find yourself almost broke by the end of the week or month? In that case, it’s high time that you take a tolerance break. 

You Are Dependent on Cannabis

Medical cannabis is meant to be your aid. If you have trouble sleeping, cannabis can be a sedative. If you are suffering from chronic pain, cannabis can help you relax. In any case, cannabis is meant to be consumed like a medication in a limited dose and at a particular time. Since cannabis helps ease the symptoms easily, it is highly likely that the patients may start using cannabis for every situation as an easy way out. 

This leads to dependence. Your body becomes dependent on cannabis to achieve a state such as sleep and pain relief and it becomes difficult to leave the habit. So, before the dependence increases, take a tolerance break and detox your system.  

How to Take a Tolerance Break?

For medical patients, it is always best to consult a medical marijuana doctor before taking a tolerance break. He or she can help you understand the duration of the break that’s best for you. Also, tolerance breaks are not easy for everyone. The higher your tolerance the severe will be the withdrawal symptoms. You will need a lot of determination and self-control to finish a break. In addition to this, these tips can help you complete a break successfully.

  • Get rid of all you stash and cannabis accessories as they serve the purpose of temptation.
  • Distract yourself by getting a new hobby.
  • Plan new activities during the usual time of your sessions.
  • Eat a healthy diet and follow an exercise routine.
  • Stay hydrated and don’t compromise on your sleep.

So, do you show any of the signs mentioned in the list? If yes, then reach out to a medical professional and take a tolerance break to regain the smooth experience of medical marijuana.